What is CNC Routing?

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What is CNC Routing?

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. This technology gives speed and precision to cutting parts. Metalworking machine tool builders developed CNC technology in the 1950's for the US Air Force and it has been serving the metal industry for many years. Thanks to recent technological advances in both the hardware and software, CNC routers are now accessable to other industries and can be used for a massive range of products including cabinet making, design or inlay work in solid surface materials, carving three dimensional surfaces, milling mouldings, and sign making to name just a few.

Shapes - circles, ellipses, polygons, ribs, irregular patterns. If it can be drawn then we can router it!
Complex surfaces - machining surfaces curved in 3 dimensions...even from 2D artwork!
Engraving - large and small, decorative and text
Holes, grooves & and slots - any shape, any size
Recesses, shaped recesses and blind holes
3D sculpting - moulds, forms, jigs and patterns
Custom V grooving & bevelling – regular, irregular, diagonal, wavy etc.
Custom fretwork and patterns for finished product or moulds
Custom door machining kitchens, wardrobes etc.
Edge finishing - bevel, chamfer, ovolo even under cut