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What is CNC Routing?

We can accept nearly all forms of Cad/Cam files from Autocad engineering files to Signmaking PLT, AI, EPS and CDR files. With our years of experience in file conversion we can easily help you convert your files to an acceptable format. If on the other hand you require us to originate files then we can provide CAD design for you too.

Most vector based files are relatively small in size so emailing is often the most convienent method although we can obviously still accept files in more standard forms such as CD, Zip etc.

For general enquiries by all means send us a quick sketch by fax. Or if you have a simple line drawing or sketch already on computer then send us the file so we can get an idea of your requirements. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words and never more so in routing, so please do not worry if it is not the Mona Lisa or a NASA technical drawing.

With full CAD files we can machine direct from your master files. This is by far the quickest method for both quotations and production as the set up time is greatly reduced in addition to minimising any duplication errors.